Members are responsible for maintaining the health of the group by actively participating, hosting guests and encouraging new member applications. In days of old, members who missed more than two meetings per year were dropped from membership. We no longer enforce this rule strictly, but it is still on the books and it is well intentioned. This is meant to be an active association. Don’t exclude enthusiastic new blood by holding onto an Active member slot that you no longer use. And remember, the vitality of the meetings is greatly enhanced by the participation of guests, so please make an effort to invite at least one guest to every meeting. Your guests do not have to be candidates for Active membership (under age 40). Please remember that a member must accompany guests.

Members with outstanding membership and/or dinner fees are required to settle their accounts before renewing their memberships. As a member, your dinner is complimentary as long as you register in advance. Each guest is charged $150 and payment should be made by credit card (via PayPal) prior to the event. Our website registration provides you with the option to invite guests, please just make sure they know that they will need to pay their guest fee via the link that is emailed to them.  If your plans to attend one of our events happen to change, please let us know by sending an email to

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